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FRIDAY September 1st

Kit hand-over

  • Valea cu Pești Hotel, interval 16:00 – 21:00
  • Participation package can be picked up ONLY in person 

Technical session

  • The presentation of the technical session shall be sent online during the contest’s week 
  • 19:30 – 20:30: Q&A session (strongly recommended)


  • Clothing for the bike descent (only for Half) – especially if the temperature will be very low at the summit, OPTIONALLY, the organizers provide the transport for one bag/participant to Bâlea, at the end of the climb. 
  • Clothing to the finish (Olympic and Half) – especially if the temperature will be very low, OPTIONALLY, the organizers provide the transport for one bag/participant to the finish area.

PLEASE HAND-OVER THE THINGS YOU NEED TO BE TRANSPORTED, ON FRIDAY AT THE KIT PICK-UP, UNTIL 20:30 and don’t forget to write your name on the bag, in order to identify it. 

SATURDAY September 2nd

Car traffic shall be COMPLETELY closed within the interval 08:00 – 18:00. 

  • Please take into account this aspect and that, for athletes’ safety reasons, we cannot make any exception to allow the access within this interval, for any participant or his/her family, no matter the situation.
  • Starting from 11:00, a special boat for participants and their families/friends will connect Valea cu Pești Hotel and Vidraru dam. 


  • The distance between the Transition area (Valea cu Pești) and FINISH is 9 km.
  • Between 07:00 and 08:00 it will be possible to park BEFORE the transition area (starting from 200 m away). Parking will be done AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE on the right side of the road.
  • Between 09:15 and 10:15, AFTER THE SWIM START, THE SUPPORTERS WILL BE ABLE TO CARRY THE CARS close to the dam.
  • During the interval 10:15 – the end of the contest, THE HANDLING OF CARS IS PROHIBITED BETWEEN VALEA CU PEȘTI AND VIDRARU DAM.
  • Warning! At 18:00, the traffic will be opened from the Vidraru dam and a large flow of cars is expected.

The rastel will be guarded until 19:00, it is important to collect your bikes by this time.

07:00 Closing of the car traffic at Vidraru dam and Bâlea
07:45 Opening of the transition area and gear checking 
08:45 Closing of the transition area 
09:00 START swim course Transfier 70.3
09:20 START swim course Transfier Olympic
10:15 Cut-off time for bike start Transfier 70.3
13:50 Cut-off time to finish line Transfier Olimpic (4h 30)
15:30 Cut-off time to run start Transfier 70.3 (6h 30)
15:30  Opening of the transition area for gear pick-up (both for Olympic and Half participants); the gear can be picked-up until 19:00 the latest
18:00 Cut-off time to finish line Transfier 70.3 (9h)
18:00 Opening of car traffic 
19:30 AWARDS CEREMONY (Valea cu Pești)
20:30  AFTER PARTY (Valea cu Pești)


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